Quality of Care in US territories

I want to get in contact with physicians, nurses, or anyone who has worked in the allied health profession in any or all US territories.

My research will focus on the quality of care in the US territories. For the past 8 years I have read many stories how the policies, politics and local economy has adversely affected the quality of care, and the local health insurance market, and the struggles of inadequate funding, resources, and equipment each territory faces.

This research is intended to create awareness. Living in the mainland, we at times are bombarded by the news media of the concerns we see on television and the issues that affect us, but no one ever realizes the struggles our territories face.

A survey will be conducted. In no way will we this research invade the privacy of its patients,but will rather focus on working conditions, environment, and personal experience of the allied health professional.

Data : I will be sending emails to local government agencies to the Department of Health to collect data that will be used to collect information about endemic diseases, mortality rates, nonsocomial infection, unstructured data, etc. A focus will also be done on how many patients are sent to the mainland to seek further medical treatment that is not accessible locally (specialized treatment, etc.)

Questionnaire: Those who have been seen by the local hospitals in the US territories, I would like for you to participate as well. This questionnaire will not invade your patient privacy, rather it would focus solely on your personal experience as a patient.

If you are an allied health professional who has worked in any of these US territories, or a patient who has been seen in any of the local hospitals of the US territories, please email me at lupeupega@gmail.com. All information will be confidential.

For ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: I have found some of your blogs on google, and I am a fan! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your experiences working abroad and that is what inspired me to look into the health care in US territories. I would love to talk to you, and if you are keen, maybe use some excerpts from your blog to talk about in my research.

** I am currently working on the surveys and questionnaires, they wont be ready until May. I have started sending out emails to Department of Public Health in several US territories, Please be patient. This research is time consuming!

Faafetai for your time, and hope to hear from any of you!


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